Friday, April 27, 2012

Yes Please, I Would Like S'More....

Ok, I know that's a cheesy title, but I seriously just couldn't resist. Also, I know that my photo leaves much to be desired, but due to the fact that I a) use my phone to take most of my pictures, and b) don't really have the time to take some during the process (gotta work fast with a 2 month old around) please allow me to dazzle you with my words and less with my pictures.

Pregnancy made me a chocoholic. Now I know you're thinking, sure, use pregnancy as an excuse. Seriously, though. Before I got pregnant, despite the fact that I have always liked chocolate, I could barely eat one of those mini Hershey's bars or one Reese's cup without feeling ill. My stomach just couldn't handle the sugar. During my pregnancy, I never really craved much, and when I did, it was savory. I craved things like crab cakes and french fries. Shortly after giving birth, however, I developed this insatiable need for chocolate; and sunflower seeds, but that's another issue entirely. It has come back to bite me in the ass more than once, as I have bought a bag of chocolate chips just to eat them as they sit. Who needs the cookie dough. We all know that we eat a chocolate chip cookie for the chocolate, right? No? Oh, well at least I do. I also have a great affinity for marshmallows. Those, I also buy just to eat right out of the bag. Not as often as chocolate chips however. What better way to put them together than to throw in some Graham crackers and make me some S'mores.

*side note, did you know that Graham crackers are named that way because name of their inventor was Graham. All this time I thought it was some kind of special ingredient or something that went into making them, but then I came across this recipe (thank you Pinterest) and they're actually pretty simple to make. They may be my next adventure ;) *

Ok, getting back to S'mores. I didn't want to just pop some chocolate on a Graham cracker, top it with marshmallows and heat it. I couldn't just start a campfire on my kitchen floor or on my porch for that matter, as the city may not approve. So, I had to be creative. I searched my crowded, disorganize pantry for ideas and came upon a box of chocolate fudge pudding. Perfect! So I popped Emily in her car seat, placed her in her kitchen spot and got to work.

I smashed up some Graham crackers to make a crust like bottom. I added some butter to make it an 'official' crust, but I feel like it would be ok to leave out the extra fat and just use the crumbs. I made the pudding following the directions for pudding pie on the box. I then dug out my Sweet and Salty Guinness Pie recipe (another I need to get up here because it's sooooo good) for it's Marshmallow Meringue section to place on top.

I have to tell you, these were heavenly! The meringue crisped lightly on top and while the rest stayed slightly melted for that campfire marshmallow taste. The pudding was just thick enough to resemble that melted chocolate and the cracker crumbs on the bottom finished off that flavor that only a S'more can bring. It definitely hit that chocolate spot and took me to a time of sitting by the campfire as a child. *sigh*

And, now, without further delay, here awe your campfire memories all wrapped up into one 8oz cup.

S'More's Pudding Pie

Crust: 2 sheets of Graham Crackers, smashed into crumbs
           1 T butter, melted (optional)

Pudding: your favorite chocolate pudding (the small box) made following the pudding pie directions
                *the pie version uses less milk. Mine called for 1 3/4 cups.*

Topping: 1/2 cup white sugar
               1 egg white
               1 1/2 T water
                20 mini marshmallows (or 5 regulars cut into quarters)

Combine crust ingredients and place into two 8oz ramekins. Press down to firm. Pour about a 3/4 cup of pudding into each one. Over a double boiler, combine the sugar, egg white and water until sugar dissolves. Remove from heat and drop in marshmallows. Let sit about 5 minutes for marshmallows to soften. Using a hand mixer, beat  until stiff peaks form. Top pudding. Let set at least one hour. Place under a broiler until marshmallow meringue turns to desired brown-ness (some people like their marshmallows darker) before serving.

Well, there ya have it folks. My baby monitor is calling, so I have to get going. I hope you can dig up some campfire memories with that first bite!


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